Another Dreamer


She had a dream of him not by her side.

It seemed so real it felt so surreal.

The illusive dream, the never ending one,

She tossed and turned, for no one to cry on.

It was the other day, for he looked away.

The silence grew steady, it was momentarily deafening.

They were distant, that’s how this felt so normal.

But when they did interact, the world seemed so intact.

She grew up with music, music that he listened too.

She inherited the gift of art, the art of being so smart.

They had antithetical thoughts, far from close they say.

Not many understood, sometimes difficult to comprehend.

Sometimes she felt the hatred and anger, sometimes she overlooked the pain.

Sometimes she dusted it off, sometimes that’s all she could do.

But when it hit, like a storm on a sunny day.

It uprooted her world and blew it…

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