Lost Tongue

Upon closing my eyes my sister and I were thrown onto a dark fire escape. We had just lost a very important game that I do not remember. There was panic all through the air and it felt as if it was the end to all life. Horrifyingly, my sister drilled to nails into her skull. One on the back of her neck, hitting her medulla, and one right under her jaw. To my surprise I followed her actions. Unlike her, I survived and panicked as the nail pierced through me. Though I quickly removed them, half of my tongue had fallen out. I was then transported to a hospital where every room was full of people. My face had gone back to normal but my tongue was now shorter. I held the other rotting half in my hand and ran through the halls searching for a way to conserve it. As I ran I stumbled upon my boyfriend. He grabbed my hand and asked what was going on but I refused to answer. He told me that whatever was going on, I was going to be okay and he pulled me in. I pushed back and ran to a doctor. After finding him I told him my problem and held up my hand to reveal the flesh. He looked at me in concern for it had disappeared from my palm.

-Claire F.

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