29- Boat-tailed Grackle (South Florida)
28- Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher (South Florida)
27-Anhinga (South Florida)
26-Downy Woodpecker (South Florida)
25-Turkey Vulture (South Florida)
24- Black Vulture (South Florida)
23-Green Heron (South Florida)
22-Green Heron (South Florida)
21-Northern Mockingbird (South Florida)
20-Mourning Dove (South Florida)
19-Coal Tit (Galicia)
18-Ganso Bravo (Galicia)
17-Ganso Bravo (Galicia)
16-Gabeador (Galicia)
15-Paporroibo (Galicia)
14-Gaviota Arxéntea (Galicia)
13-Gaviota Arxéntea (Juvenile) (Galicia)
12-Ferreiriño Azul (Galicia)
11-Ferreiriño Azul (Galicia)
10-Pega (Galicia)
9-Pega (Galicia)
8-Cata (Galicia)
7-Lavanco Real (Mallard) (Galicia)
6-Lavanco (Mallard) (Galicia)
5-West European Herring Gull (Normandy)
4-Corvo Mariño Grande (Galicia)
3-Crow (Versailles)
2-Crow (Versailles)
1-Red Bellied Woodpecker (South Florida)

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