Karaoke with Harry Potter

I remember waking up in a nightclub. Since I am very young, and I’ve never been to a club, let’s just say this one looked like the ones from the movies. The music was loud and I had a beer in my hand. I don’t like beer very much but this one tasted like a milkshake (or I was too drunk to tell the difference:/…). I find my sisters dancing with some weird guys and suddenly I get a text from my cousin- who’s in town- saying that she wants us to come over. I go up to my sisters and tell them that we need to go. The truth is that we didnt really need to go but those guys were starting to transform into giant sized beer bottles (then again, I was probably very drunk in my dream).

I grab my sisters and we get inside a limo that seems to stretch on forever. As we ride, my sisters and I drink an orange potion and suddenly become sober and our clothes changed into something more casual. The “car” stops and we get out. We go inside this cool building that looks like its from the 20’s. The concierge greets us and gives us presents, and all the men and women inside are dressed like people from the “Great Gatsby” movie. We ride up the elevator to a certain floor and when the door opens, my cousin is there waiting for us. We greet each other and she takes us to her penthouse. When we reach the door, someone opens it from the inside. And who better to open the door of your, apparently rich, cousin’s penthouse than Daniel Radcliffe. In real life, I would probably freak out and die of a heart attack, then I’d come back to life and die all over again. But since this was a dream (and a dream is a wish your heart makes), Daniel and I were very well acquainted (friends). So we hugged and I went in.

The penthouse was huge and was very well decorated. It had “huge” paintings and “huge” couches and all the other “huge” things you would find in a rich person’s house. All of us walked into a room that looked like a bar. There was a stage at the opposite end of us, and one of my sisters suggested that we play karaoke. In a casual way we all said Yes…in a singing voice…and in unison. We took turns singing songs like “Never gonna give you up” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. At one point, my brother showed up and we sang “Stand by me”.

It ended there. I just hope that dreams really do come true.

– Lauren S.