Fight Club

This is a story about…me. After I fell into the deep abyss that most of us know as sleep I woke up in a new world. I was standing with two buddies, I knew who they were when I woke up but I couldn’t tell you who they were now so we can call them Jim and Ben. Jim was strong and Ben was big but pretty dumb. We walked in the clouds, literally, until we hit a staircase and start to descend into God’s green Earth.

I couldn’t tell you what happened between walking down from heaven and respawning in an octagon like those we see on TV when men in tights, that cover a whopping 1% of their body, fight to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. It was Jim, Ben and I. Jim and I were going at it pretty hard. I’ve been taking some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lately so I could hold my own. Ben just stood there like a giant statue refusing to move with the passing of time.

There was a lot of blood as Jim and I exchanged blows. Fists, elbows, kicks, we were both proud owners of a brand new deformed face painted with the most expensive color. Somehow Jim got me to the ground and had an upper hand then I looked at Ben and suddenly saw this fight scene from my own eyes. Turns out I was not the third man, I was not the man who was fighting Jim. Now I was inside Ben and I controlled his body. The third man that I presumed I was before will now be named Matt.

Standing in Ben’s huge body I felt a strength I hadn’t felt before in Matt’s body. Immediately I felt the need to help Matt so I pulled my arm back ready to deliver a powerful and unexpected blow. Then I looked into Matt’s eyes and I suddenly shifted into Matt’s body. Ben must have been confused and when he tried to pull his punch it ended up landing directly on me.

Lights out.

-Danny S.

Light Bulbs Blot Out the Sun

I woke up to being seduced by some random woman I had no recollection of seeing before, (supposedly if you conjure up a face in your mind, it is a face you’ve seen before, who knows?). I immediately pushed away because “I am with someone else” I told her. My words had no effect on her facial expression and immediately after my girlfriend walks into the room and grabs my hand put pays no attention to the stranger in the room. She drags me out and says nothing but leads with a smile and a beautiful laugh to the backyard.

She opened the door to a backyard that extended for miles in all directions. I was told that it was night time but it seemed like it was day because of the millions upon millions of lightbulbs in rows above me that extended as far as the eye could see. The party was quite crowded, and I happen to not be so fond these events where people gather to drink. What happened during the party was a blur, its like my mind fast forwarded the whole thing.

After the party everyone disappeared, absolutely everyone had left, except for the father of my girlfriend. It was hard to tell whether or not the sun was up, the lightbulbs continued to blot out the sky. Her father and I did everything we could to take the lightbulbs down. We shot the bulbs with shotguns, we cut the wires, we smashed bulbs with bats among other odd techniques. We accustomed ourselves to the sound of glass crunching below our boots. After what seemed to be a couple hours we had huge piles of wrapped up wire and the blades of grass where outnumbered by the shards of glass. I am not sure why we did this, why we destroyed so many bulbs for no reason. We sat down on some chairs and squeezed the water out of plastic bottles and looked up at the millions of remaining bulbs that still blotted out the sun.

-Daniel S.


I Hereby Sacrifice Myself

I was dreaming that I had joined special forces of the United States. I went through all the brutal training and afterward. I attended an extremely odd ceremony. The ceremony was the sacrifice of my comrades girlfriend. He cried as they said some words and she voluntarily walked into a room that she would not walk out of. I walked up to our commander and asked him “Why is this happening?”. “To serve you must lose all attachments in the civilian life” he answered. My heart broke, I told him I wanted to leave because I could not give up my significant other, he told me it was too late, “There’s no going back now son”.

The next day I visited the pool I used to work at and I saw them rehearsing for the ceremony. I saw my girlfriend in chains like the lady from King Kong (2005). My old best friend stood in front of her and made her recite an oath “I Claire…something something… do hereby sacrifice myself…”  It was all really blurry. Then I remembered that blonde lady from Glee (Jane Lynch) and an old coworker were tightening the chains on Claire. The whole rehearsal was outside but when I blinked we were on the inside of a brick building and they were not rehearsing anymore. I had some old friends of mine blow up the wall behind her and since no weapons were allowed in the ceremony I got her and ran through the blown up wall jumped in a truck and drove away.

-Daniel S.

Three Brothers in Blood Forest

Not far from Mississippi I found myself strolling through the forest with two friends of mine. Our group was attacked by natives (I’m not exactly sure why natives continue to appear in my dreams). I made it out alive everyone else died. I was struggling to survive when I found three brothers. One was nice to me, one of them was quiet and the third hated me from the start. They were fur traders and thankfully the nice brother invited me to stick around. Everyday I grew closer to the nice brother and everyday the brother that hated me resented me more.

One day we came across a car with what seemed to be an African American boy inside. I walked over, opened the door and asked “What’s going on?”. He had tape on his mouth and I hadn’t noticed so I pulled the tape off and he responded. “My parents died, I was taken as bait. One of the brothers suggested we take him with us and then the brother that hated me aimed his gun at my chest and shot. Immediately the nice brother jumped in between us and was shot in the head. The quiet brother stood there and watched. I took out my weapon and the mean brother shot the boy accidentally in his rage. Natives came out of the trees and killed the quiet brother, I got up shot the mean brother and ran.

-Danny S.


Many find it strange to have reoccurring dreams, however, I have many. I fall asleep and wake in my dreams in a large tree on a deserted beach. I cannot see the sun, I cannot see the beach, but I can hear it. I can hear all of Mother Nature. Though I am confused by my whereabouts, I know I am home. The trees branches intertwine to for a perfectly shaped dome. Light peaks out, gaining a green ring to it as it passes through the thick leaves. I am wearing minimal clothing and and walk around the tree and up it in complete silence. There are no adventures, no problems, and not a single disturbance. The wind stays light, but consistent as I walk close to the trees walls in circles. My find comfort in seeing my bed. Its drama are iron rise and has a thin mattress. I can feel my eyes light up as my heart races for no reason. When my illogical excitement become too much to bare I run back to my bed and cover myself in blankets and, like always, I wake up.

-Claire F.

The Dark Island

From darkness I stepped into the light.  A sunkissed plaza surrounded by read buildings and populated by strangers walking around in pairs and minding their own. It was a nice square, with four rectangular seating areas within. Within each rectangular seating area there stood a massive palm tree. My lovely girlfriend called me over with a smile. I sat next to her and with her eyes lit bright she told me “I’m so excited to hangout tonight”. I look up for a moment to look at the sky, it’s the perfect color. I look down and I see my best friend standing, Sal standing by a red building across the square. “Sorry Claire I made plans for today” and I could sense how upset she was. I kissed her and walked over to greet Sal.

“Hey bud, what’s up?” I shook his hand and that’s when the floor started to shake below our feet. The sky turned dark and thunders groan filled the air. I turned to look for her, she had disappeared. The floor opened beneath us and Sal and I fell into a space black abyss. The falling ended after a couple minutes and we landed painfully into an ocean. When we broke the surface of the ocean Sal pointed up into the darkest sky I had ever seen “Look” there was only one speck of light, it was the plaza where we fell from. “Where are we?” I asked. “I don’t know, there’s nothing here, no land, nothing”. I decided to see how deep the ocean was so I swam down about fifteen feet and resurfaced in a beautiful crystal clear ocean and a huge tropical island decorated by palm trees and paper white sand stood to greet me.

Confused, I looked down and saw sals feet kicking and his hands keeping him afloat fifteen feet below in darkness. I dive back down, resurfaced in a pitch black ocean ” Sal you’ve got to check this out, come down here”. “What the hell” he muttered. We swam to the beach through the crystal clear water and finally reached the beach. We walked for a bit in this unknown place and found a friend of mine walking towards us with my boss from the real world at his side. Before this friend of mine could say hello an arrow struck him in the head and he fell lifeless to the ground. Sal, my boss, and I ran from the screams and shouts.  Once we got to safety in the forest of palm trees my boss explained to us that we were in a battle royale.

We were on an island where only one of us could survive.

We walked through the forest finding dead bodies and arrows dug into them. My boss built us a bow and told us he should hold the arrows. An argument broke out between my boss and us about who should hold the weapon. We raised our voices and while Sal tried to quiet the group an arrow penetrated his chest. His body hit the floor and my boss was shot in the back. An arrow just cut my arm but  I fell and pulled out a knife that I must have found. A black island native stood over me, and rose his hands to stab me with an arrow. Before I could kill him myself, a thunderous sound like that of a shotgun broke the silence and destroyed the natives head. Two more shots were fired and then a man with a black jacket appeared in front of me lifted his shotgun, aimed for my face. Thunder then darkness.

-Danny S.

Lake Skies

adult alone blur close up
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I close my eyes, and they open to see a lake, I’m holding a rope and a wakeboard lies below my feet, I’m approaching a cloud white ramp that floats in the murky water. I hit the ramp and quickly fly over it and look up. The sky is picture perfect, beautiful white puffy clouds and baby blue skies. I look down and I have no board, no rope, nothing, not even my bathing suit. With nothing to hold on to I fall flat on my face, but  I feel no pain.

I rise to the surface and wipe the drops from my eyes. It’s a beautiful lake, the type of lake you’d find in Alaska, crystal blue water, a forest of pine trees. that starts at the edge of the river. At the edge I find two boys who look like natives. They’re messing around by the river wrestling to get salmon. I look down and see the salmon, there are red salmon with green heads and salmon that are black and white. They’re everywhere I cant see the ground. The boys are picking up the fish and throwing it at each other. I look up into the sky and I see the same lake that I am, dozens of identical lakes floating all around the sky. I look down and scatter the salmon, below me there is no ground. Through the water I can see other lakes just like mine floating below me endlessly.

I turn around to screams, the boys are frightened by two massive grey wolves. The wolves do not harm the boys, they just leap in and pull salmon out with their sharp teeth. The water turns red and an old Native steps out and mutters some that seemed foreign. The wolves picked up the salmon one by one and brought them to the old man and placed it in a basket he carried. He pet them and a smile broke his wrinkly face.

A man dove from the sky near the wolves. The splash soaked the wolves and the old man. A young native rose to the surface of the lake. Oh how he laughed, when he could finally say something he yelled in a friendly manner and with a foreign tongue. The old man seemed upset and muttered something angrily and pointed down, I could tell that the old man had cursed the young man. The young man shrugged it off and looked at me, he laughed he said something and gestured me to come with him. He dove back down into the water I looked down and saw him fall to the next lake but it looked more like flying.

I didn’t hesitate. I jumped on after him and the fall was exhilarating. The water must have been a hundred feet under. I didn’t think about how much it would hurt when I hit the water. The thing is, it didnt hurt, it felt like I dove in from the edge of the lake. I spent the rest of the day jumping from lake to lake with this young man. I met many natives and had the time of my life. When night fell the young man and I sat by the edge of a lake and he pointed down into the lake. Through the water I could see a white like, pure white and it was the only thing that lit up in the darkness. The light from the lake allowed me to see the terrified face of the young native I had befriended. He trembled and that’s when I noticed all the salmon were gone. No fear troubled my mind. I dove in and flew to the white lake, it was the farthest I had fallen, what was once a spec of light was now a circle of light that grew and grew with every passing second, until I was blinded.

-Danny S.