Fishing Gator Lake

I woke up on the shore of a green murky lake that licked the white sand with its pathetic waves. I grabbed a fishing rod and walked out to a dock I started fishing to the left of the dock. I knew I was fishing for a gator in my mind. I looked up and followed the ray of light down onto the lake and the waves disappeared into a flat mirror of green water. There was no ripple, no sign of life. I stopped fishing and reeled the line back in. I turned to the right of the dock and threw my bait into the green abyss.

I waited. No gator, then I look to my left which is where the dock faces the lake directly. There were gators absolutely everywhere, I looked down at my shoes and then threw the line only to find that all the peeking heads had submerged. Then I felt a tug, I fell into the water and looked at the gator I had hooked, he took the hook out of his mouth and gestured for me to follow him.

I looked back and saw a massive Nile crocodile swimming behind me. Then the little gator looked worried and guided me under a floating object and then jumped out of the water and into the floating object. I resurfaced and saw a huge bus floating in the water. I climbed in and felt a tug on my leg, it was the crocodile.

The little gator looked at me with fear in his eyes. I kicked the crocodile and got away but he boarded the back of the bus and caused the vehicle to start sinking. I exited my body and watched the events unfold in the third person. The bus turned vertical while the little gator and I were trying to escape and then we both started falling towards the crocodile and his wide open jaws. Then the murky water covered my field of vision.

-Danny S.

Lake Skies

adult alone blur close up
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

I close my eyes, and they open to see a lake, I’m holding a rope and a wakeboard lies below my feet, I’m approaching a cloud white ramp that floats in the murky water. I hit the ramp and quickly fly over it and look up. The sky is picture perfect, beautiful white puffy clouds and baby blue skies. I look down and I have no board, no rope, nothing, not even my bathing suit. With nothing to hold on to I fall flat on my face, but  I feel no pain.

I rise to the surface and wipe the drops from my eyes. It’s a beautiful lake, the type of lake you’d find in Alaska, crystal blue water, a forest of pine trees. that starts at the edge of the river. At the edge I find two boys who look like natives. They’re messing around by the river wrestling to get salmon. I look down and see the salmon, there are red salmon with green heads and salmon that are black and white. They’re everywhere I cant see the ground. The boys are picking up the fish and throwing it at each other. I look up into the sky and I see the same lake that I am, dozens of identical lakes floating all around the sky. I look down and scatter the salmon, below me there is no ground. Through the water I can see other lakes just like mine floating below me endlessly.

I turn around to screams, the boys are frightened by two massive grey wolves. The wolves do not harm the boys, they just leap in and pull salmon out with their sharp teeth. The water turns red and an old Native steps out and mutters some that seemed foreign. The wolves picked up the salmon one by one and brought them to the old man and placed it in a basket he carried. He pet them and a smile broke his wrinkly face.

A man dove from the sky near the wolves. The splash soaked the wolves and the old man. A young native rose to the surface of the lake. Oh how he laughed, when he could finally say something he yelled in a friendly manner and with a foreign tongue. The old man seemed upset and muttered something angrily and pointed down, I could tell that the old man had cursed the young man. The young man shrugged it off and looked at me, he laughed he said something and gestured me to come with him. He dove back down into the water I looked down and saw him fall to the next lake but it looked more like flying.

I didn’t hesitate. I jumped on after him and the fall was exhilarating. The water must have been a hundred feet under. I didn’t think about how much it would hurt when I hit the water. The thing is, it didnt hurt, it felt like I dove in from the edge of the lake. I spent the rest of the day jumping from lake to lake with this young man. I met many natives and had the time of my life. When night fell the young man and I sat by the edge of a lake and he pointed down into the lake. Through the water I could see a white like, pure white and it was the only thing that lit up in the darkness. The light from the lake allowed me to see the terrified face of the young native I had befriended. He trembled and that’s when I noticed all the salmon were gone. No fear troubled my mind. I dove in and flew to the white lake, it was the farthest I had fallen, what was once a spec of light was now a circle of light that grew and grew with every passing second, until I was blinded.

-Danny S.