Dragon School

I used to run by the parks that were by the ocean, the parks, in turn were by the residential area. This is where I found myself running in my dreams. It was not a hot day or a cold day but I do know that I was late so I was running fast. I ran into a building that today is split up into a surf shop and a pizzeria.

When I walked in I noticed a dragon floating in the air, 6 feet from the sealing. It was a red stereotypical skinny chinese dragon from the stories. Some teenagers walked into the building with book bags and as they took them off they jumped up and flew twenty feet up and sat on the dragon. I looked up and saw these teenagers throwing paper airplanes and laughing. I jumped up and sat down behind a laughing boy with a blue jacket and blond hair. We talked and talked and we waited for the teacher who was supposed t sit on the head of the dragon.

She never showed.

-Danny S.