I Hereby Sacrifice Myself

I was dreaming that I had joined special forces of the United States. I went through all the brutal training and afterward. I attended an extremely odd ceremony. The ceremony was the sacrifice of my comrades girlfriend. He cried as they said some words and she voluntarily walked into a room that she would not walk out of. I walked up to our commander and asked him “Why is this happening?”. “To serve you must lose all attachments in the civilian life” he answered. My heart broke, I told him I wanted to leave because I could not give up my significant other, he told me it was too late, “There’s no going back now son”.

The next day I visited the pool I used to work at and I saw them rehearsing for the ceremony. I saw my girlfriend in chains like the lady from King Kong (2005). My old best friend stood in front of her and made her recite an oath “I Claire…something something… do hereby sacrifice myself…”  It was all really blurry. Then I remembered that blonde lady from Glee (Jane Lynch) and an old coworker were tightening the chains on Claire. The whole rehearsal was outside but when I blinked we were on the inside of a brick building and they were not rehearsing anymore. I had some old friends of mine blow up the wall behind her and since no weapons were allowed in the ceremony I got her and ran through the blown up wall jumped in a truck and drove away.

-Daniel S.