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The Dream of All Dreams – #NovemberWriting #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

In the midnight sky,
On a bridge that goes nowhere
A light cast its singular glow
And I followed its radiant glare
There, at the end of the platform
A tunnel did appear
In a heart shaped pattern
Against the darkness, ever clear
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t see beyond
I called out, into the blue abyss
But no one did respond
As I got closer to the end
Of the narrow wooden planks
I realized what was calling me
Was simply just a prank
Into the ebony sky, I fell
Nobody heard my screams
I am forever lost, inside
This horrid dream of dreams

November Writing Prompt – The dream of all dreams – Day 7/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Lost Tongue

Upon closing my eyes my sister and I were thrown onto a dark fire escape. We had just lost a very important game that I do not remember. There was panic all through the air and it felt as if it was the end to all life. Horrifyingly, my sister drilled to nails into her skull. One on the back of her neck, hitting her medulla, and one right under her jaw. To my surprise I followed her actions. Unlike her, I survived and panicked as the nail pierced through me. Though I quickly removed them, half of my tongue had fallen out. I was then transported to a hospital where every room was full of people. My face had gone back to normal but my tongue was now shorter. I held the other rotting half in my hand and ran through the halls searching for a way to conserve it. As I ran I stumbled upon my boyfriend. He grabbed my hand and asked what was going on but I refused to answer. He told me that whatever was going on, I was going to be okay and he pulled me in. I pushed back and ran to a doctor. After finding him I told him my problem and held up my hand to reveal the flesh. He looked at me in concern for it had disappeared from my palm.

-Claire F.

Vivid Dreams — A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

For some reason I have been having some really vivid dreams recently. All of which are on the bizarre side of life. It’s probably a bit of the dreaded sleep deprivation – currently operating at zombie level so apologies if this doesn’t make much sense. At the weekend I dreamt that the Queen was taking […]

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Another Dreamer


She had a dream of him not by her side.

It seemed so real it felt so surreal.

The illusive dream, the never ending one,

She tossed and turned, for no one to cry on.

It was the other day, for he looked away.

The silence grew steady, it was momentarily deafening.

They were distant, that’s how this felt so normal.

But when they did interact, the world seemed so intact.

She grew up with music, music that he listened too.

She inherited the gift of art, the art of being so smart.

They had antithetical thoughts, far from close they say.

Not many understood, sometimes difficult to comprehend.

Sometimes she felt the hatred and anger, sometimes she overlooked the pain.

Sometimes she dusted it off, sometimes that’s all she could do.

But when it hit, like a storm on a sunny day.

It uprooted her world and blew it…

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Fishing Gator Lake

I woke up on the shore of a green murky lake that licked the white sand with its pathetic waves. I grabbed a fishing rod and walked out to a dock I started fishing to the left of the dock. I knew I was fishing for a gator in my mind. I looked up and followed the ray of light down onto the lake and the waves disappeared into a flat mirror of green water. There was no ripple, no sign of life. I stopped fishing and reeled the line back in. I turned to the right of the dock and threw my bait into the green abyss.

I waited. No gator, then I look to my left which is where the dock faces the lake directly. There were gators absolutely everywhere, I looked down at my shoes and then threw the line only to find that all the peeking heads had submerged. Then I felt a tug, I fell into the water and looked at the gator I had hooked, he took the hook out of his mouth and gestured for me to follow him.

I looked back and saw a massive Nile crocodile swimming behind me. Then the little gator looked worried and guided me under a floating object and then jumped out of the water and into the floating object. I resurfaced and saw a huge bus floating in the water. I climbed in and felt a tug on my leg, it was the crocodile.

The little gator looked at me with fear in his eyes. I kicked the crocodile and got away but he boarded the back of the bus and caused the vehicle to start sinking. I exited my body and watched the events unfold in the third person. The bus turned vertical while the little gator and I were trying to escape and then we both started falling towards the crocodile and his wide open jaws. Then the murky water covered my field of vision.

-Danny S.

Murder Mayhem

I played a game once called Murder Mayhem, a video game in which 16 people play and one of them is randomly selected to be the murderer and one is randomly selected as detective. The rest of us are bystanders, the goal of the game is for the murderer to kill everyone without getting caught. Mind you, the bystanders must search for five emeralds so that they may receive a weapon to defend themselves.

In this dream we were in the game, by we I mean my old best friends and my current best friend. My old best friends, Alex and Luis were running towards Sal (my current best friend) and I. We all huddled up only to find out that there weren’t any other people in the game so one of us, was the murderer.

That’s when it happened, Alex drew a knife out and stabbed Luis in the neck, Sal and I, without weapons freaked out so we ran. He started picking up the emeralds we found on the grass. Soon enough a weapon spawned in his hand.

Then we ran through a portal and landed in my grandmothers dark four story home. Then they were both after me, that’s not how the game works but dreams will be dreams. I locked myself in a bathroom and they were both knocking on it then they were trying to bust the grand oak wooden door to the floor.

It was like a scene from the shining when they started breaking through the door little by little. Sal busts in and screams “Ha” and Alex stabs Sal in the neck with a transparent plastic knife. The blood splattered all over the mirror to my right. Sal’s body dropped to the white tile on the floor and painted it in seconds with blood.

Alex jumped over Sal, he lifted up his hand to stab me and I used a Jiu Jitsu move to break his shoulder and the knife dropped. He proceeded to punch me so that a tooth fell out. I grabbed the side of his face and smashed it against the glass, grabbed a piece of the glass and woke up when I was about to slam the piece of glass through his skin and into his heart.

Then I went back asleep and looked at my hands and saw it, clear as day, blood, red hands. But whose blood is in my hands.

-Daniel S.